Farl is the current leader of one of the largest, most ruthless gangs of Streets. Though most of the Streets used to roam in smaller gangs, Farl’s cunning ruthlessness has meant that most of those smaller opposing gangs have either been killed or swallowed up to become one large gang under Farl. He rules his followers with anger and a sadistic sense of pleasure. Those who stand to oppose him or even those he simply takes a disliking to end up dead or worse before too long.

His favorite form of pleasure is torturing those children smaller and weaker than him. The louder and more desperate the cries, the better. He has a special room in the basement of one of the derelict homes on the bad side of Aldritch where he keeps his “toys”. The other Streets know it simply as “The Cell” and do their best to stay far clear of Farl and his bad side.

Farl demands tithes from the Streets that follow him. The best shares of food and wealth go to him, no questions asked. If something catches Farl’s eye the Street unlucky enough to be caught up in it must give the item to Farl or face the steep consequences of disobeyal. Farl gorges himself with food and wealth where many of the smaller and less fortunate Streets starve and die under his ruling. Mercy and pity are shown to none and the other Streets are too focused on their own survival to do much more than shake their heads at the misfortunes of those not under Farl’s dubious favor.

Farl does not take well to those who seek to rise above their place. More than one Street has mysteriously died trying to better themselves a little too much. None of it can be traced back to Farl, but nevertheless they end up dead and Farl ends up a little richer. No one questions his methods lest they be subject to the same fate as well.

Farl was Ears’ gang leader for a number of years after Farl’s gang absorbed the smaller group she had been running with. Ears’ strange features fascinated him and her quick grace and too-good sight infuriated him. She became a regular guest of “The Cell” and was left very scarred due to it, though he usually kept to her back, arms, and legs. Only once, on a particularly angry day, had his knife strayed to her face. When Ears found Lorne and took up with him, Farl’s fury knew no bounds. He vowed to make the wretch pay for her betrayal of the Streets and her brazen audacity in trying to leave the street life of Aldritch behind.


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