Descent of Darkness

out of the frying pan... into the...

well isn't that ironic...

So once again I’ve been enslaved by a race of magical beings of above average height. And once again I’m told to do things. At least with these guys I am being paid. So I guess a step up in some form or fashion. maybe I’m getting ahead of myself… lets go back to the kidnapping.

I took that job with Rabble and we I guess investigating some runes. When suddenly it was like I had been cuffed from out of the blue by a Storm Giant. My vision was shuttered by a bright flash, only no pain.

I had a vision… I don’t recall all of it, but it sure was convoluted. When I awoke, I jumped to my feet because I was sure we were about to encounter something unsavory. And I was half right… That @$$hole Gareth was there as was our guide in the mines, Waryk. I immediately felt that invisible fist tightening its grip. The taste of bile was heavy in my mouth, and I felt anger like none I’d felt since leaving the Storm Giants. One of the elves told us to sit down until dusk… I do not recall which one.

I began to walk into the mist that surrounded our “campsite”… nearly falling down as I walked into a solid barrier. Following the barrier with my hands, I traced our cell. The small ones and the thief had been talking to Waryk by the time I returned. Gareth did not seem happy about that.

After a few moments of banter, Waryk’s silence was found on the other side of Gareth’s threat. I sat against the barrier for the rest of the afternoon in silence. Rabble shouted jeers about “digging under the barrier…” I pity him, because he is unfamiliar with the weight of captivity. I suppose that is a good thing… perhaps I can help shield these other from feeling it as well.

Mid-afternoon came and Gareth let down the barrier containing us. We began to walk to find “the cave of elders” where “everything would become clear” once we got there" at the appointed time" because we were “chosen people”. Elves are so full of crap… Pardon… not Elves. But I’ll get to that in a bit. Gareth got us lost and even when we arrived at the cave, we had to wait “a few more minutes” before entering… Of course. I think they were just screwing with us to make us feel helpless. I remember thinking “I guess we will just play their game.” When the half elf said we could go in I made a sidelong comment about still being able to see my hands and it not being quite dark enough. I saw him clench his mechanical fist and tighten his jaw. That was when I knew I had his number.

We entered a very large cave which opened into an even larger cavern with a partial circle of old elves. They were dressed in different colored robes and were crazy old… even for elves.

One of them got up and directed us to sit and motioned as seats rose from the ground. After we all sat, including waryk and the tin man, this old guy, Brodim, told us about how confused he was by our appearance. He quoted an old prophecy, and said we were all elements. He got really worked up and I thought he might rupture something. I tried not to care, these were after all my captors. But something about the passion in the old mans voice struck a cord. Another elder, Ashtaneth, tried to explain the situation as well. She even offered us payment if we would help to unwrite the prophecy.

MY compatriots are inquisitive, I can learn as much by sitting silent as I can asking questions. The small spritely one, I believe her name is Swizzle, asked why elves wanted to save dragons or something akin to that. And then she showed us… they all did. One by one shedding their frail wrinkled frames each elf became wholly transformed. They were dragons in disguise… just as I had suspected. Chromatic, Metallic, Eternal… they were all there. Apparently Waryk and Gareth are dragons as well. I do not know how I feel about this.

Once… the group… gathered their wits about them again, someone asked how they knew we were these"elements" that were prophesied. And it was time for a magic show again. The lights went out. I and the three others I was with had glowing shapes one their chest. Each vaguely similar but also distinct.

So we are chosen to thwart some prophecy by a Council of Elders. Pieces to a puzzle more grand than we could have ever known. Maybe this isn’t slavery after all. Coerrsion perhaps… but not slavery. These creatures are as imprisoned by this pact as we are. The only thing left to question… is destiny.


Damn that was an awesome entry!


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