Descent of Darkness

3 years

I hurt… and confused. I’ve lost three years of my life for something I don’t understand. And to make matters worse… My body is raging. I feel like someone lit my veins on fire, every inch throb with a dull ache after closing the portal. And We are in some forest with the three we left apparently three years ago. It’s not like we forgot the past three years, but rather it’s like we just were absent for them. Or lived them all at once.
After the pain dulls to a level I can comprehend, I begin to wonder about Gattican. I told him I wouldn’t leave him… but I have… I told Alog I would come back and I haven’t… I am not a liar. And this was taken from me and made me something I’m not. I will be wrestling with this for some time. But right now… My heart and mind are as on fire as my body… you know… metaphorically speaking…



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