An event in Storm Giant culture in which all the Storm Giants in a region gather and pool their slaves. They are sorted and rated according to everything from gender and age to skills and acuity. They are then redistributed in vaguely the same fashion.
ie: If a Storm Giant came to the huddle with:

3 × 7MSC (7 rated Male Strong Caves)
1 × 9MSCF (9 Rated Male Strong Caves Fields)
4 × 5FECF (5 Rated Female Emotional Caves Fields)
1x 7FEB (7 Rated Female Emotional Breeder)

They might leave with

4 × 8MSCF (8 Rated Male Strong Caves Fields)
3 × 4FECF (4 Rated Female Emotional Caves Fields)
2 × 8FEBF (8 Rated Female Emotional Breeder Fields)
1x 7FSCF (7 Rated Female Strong Caves Fields)

In this way small bands and rebellions are kept still. They never have a chance to gain steam. Once an individual is found to be stirring descent, they are harvested and their fellow Half orcs are scattered at the next huddle to distinctly different locales. This form of slave management has worked well for several hundred years until recently when it is said a single slave escaped and, rather than being grateful for his good fortune, returned and freed more then 2 dozen slaves in the still of the night. The Storm Giants are disputing the system presently and may determine more strict measures be taken to prevent this in the future.


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