Descent of Darkness

New plans

into Dreshnaul

So here we are at the fire after talking to Sorcha; all of us arguing in vain to try to find a course of action we all agree on. Where do we go from here? To the elves to try and get into the library? Try and persuade the dragons to head to this dimension? And who exactly was Sorcha talking about when she said someone is supposed to meet us in two days time…someone who is looking for us? It is all too vague for my liking. It could be anyone – good or bad! I go and get Lorne and he joins the discussion for a little while but eventually Lorne, Gareth, Waryk, and Gattican all leave, leaving only the four of us who closed the portals to decide on where and how we want to proceed. My gut clenches – it is a lot to expect only four people to decide on a course that may affect the fate of the entire world. And we do not generally all agree on things either. Plus we have been missing in action for three years! I take a deep breath, though, and try and concentrate on the moment at hand. I am here and I have vowed to do all in my power to do this right. I must join in – no more running. I must truly be part of this group.

Eventually we agree to head to the capital city of Dreshnaul to explore the libraries there and plan the beginnings of gathering an army to try and defend ourselves against the army of drow and warforged that are already gathered. While we are doing that Waryk will teleport himself to the dragons and see if he can convince them to come over here. The more the better; for the closing of the portals will be much smoother if they come to our dimension. He will return once he’s talked to them and we can decide further from there. There are portals nearby that we can get to in order to close if he can manage to convince the dragons. And if not – we will do our best to get things in order here before we close any more portals – for, according to Sorcha, there will be a time jump each time we close a portal. It is a good plan – and one we all mostly agreed on! So we prepare to do what we planned…

The next day Waryk leaves and we start the journey to Dreshnaul. It is ENORMOUS. Aldritch looks like nothing more than a small broken-down side-cart compared to the enormity that is Dreshnaul. There are multiple guards wandering around when we enter and they actually look like they know what they’re doing. They even hand out maps of the city to travelers. You need a MAP just to get around their city! We head through the initial part of the city and come across an inn called the “Thistle and Owl” that looks promising. It is still early in the day though so together we seek out the temple district in the hopes of getting a feel for the worship of the deities in this city as well as maybe getting something for Swizzle to read and translate for us. It is quiet when we enter the temple area and there are buildings and worshippers of every god and goddess you can think of – even the ones you wouldn’t expect.

I try and travel with them for awhile into the temple area but I quickly realize that this is definitely not my area of expertise. I can do nothing here to assist our quest. My eyes are starting to glaze over with the preternatural calm and quiet in the area. I shake my head and glance over the map once more and my eyes catch the names of some of the shadier districts. There is a red light district and a slum district; marked right out on the map! I know how the world works in places like that – I might be able to find something of more use there! Many times there are things for sale that aren’t available at any price in the clean-nosed law-abiding marketplaces. But I can’t bring the party with me – they would stick out like a sore thumb and probably cause more harm than good in any reconnaissance attempts…all except maybe Kaine. But I don’t know how he would take going with me. It’s better if I go alone, at least initially, and scout things out – see if there is even anything worth finding in those areas. Nodding to myself, I tell the party that I’m going to leave – planning on trying to find at least one or two shady-looking establishments and check them out. I even agree to set up rooms for the night so that they’ll let me go. But they don’t trust me to myself and insist others go with me as well. I grit my teeth but flash a forced smile at them and agree to set up rooms at the Thistle and Owl. I sigh and Kaine and I head that direction. There will be time, I assure myself – we still have quite a lot of time in this city and I will be able to find some way to explore that area. Maybe I’ll even be able to talk Kaine into going with me – it couldn’t hurt to have some extra force to back me up and I definitely don’t want a repeat of the cheetah incident by going off alone and biting off more than I can chew! For now it will keep – for now I will head to the Thistle and Owl and do what I am bid; set up rooms for the night. Tomorrow dawns bright and full of promising leads!



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