Descent of Darkness

It Hurts

Not so subltly

My vision held somethin I did not expect. My mother being whipped for me. Crying for me… likely dying for me. I can only assume I am meant to follow the same path. I am apparently hewn from the same stone. After our visions left the 6 of us exposed like a bare nerve… silently screaming inside… I make some thoughtless remarks to Lunarra. I chastised her for spiting the loving childhood she does not remember… I drove her from the group… into the wild. I swallowed my grief for fear of losing another person I care for. I followed Lunara, after convincing Alog that I meant to return her to the campsite unharmed. I have been close to the place she found herself… inside. I was hoping to approach and apologize for my outburst in some stumbling cluttered manner, but before I could. I saw something twitch in the tall grass.
Instinctually I sprinted up to meet the predator. Some type of large cat. Viscous teeth and piercing claws found me twice and I realized today was not a good day to die. I called for a retreat and fled. I let the rage take me. I remember little more than the blood pounding in my ears and the elf running alongside the golem… and music.
We exited the tall grass, happening upon Rabble and his magics soothing the ferocious beasts. And was caught off guard by the abrupt onslaught leveled at me by Alog while I tried to explain what had happened. There was a flurry of activity and I looked for Lunara who had disappeared again. I had regained control again by this point, but weary as I was my friend had needs that must be met.
I confronted Waryk about Lunarra’s mothers jewelry, and set out once again to find her. An elderly woman had directed me to the hovel in which she had cried herself asleep. She was there, sleeping peacefully, tear-stained and exposed. Her face uncovered, so unlike the Lunara with which we began our quest. I could not let her sleep there on the ground, alone… I gathered her and her belongings up, and trekked back to the hut she was to share with Swizzle.
Imagine my surprise when I met Gatacan at the door keeping watch. He resisted me when I asked to enter. He is so simple, I almost understand why Rabble tells him what to do rather than asking. It certainly would be easier for him, I’m sure. I explained that we were all friends and I only wished to place our mutual friend in a bed to sleep. I had no intentions of disturbing Swizzle. He seemed to like the expression of friendship.
I laid Lunarra down in her bed, placed her mask upon her face and her necklace within arms reach on her satchel. I then left to find my own quarters and get some sleep. Tired enough to pray for dreamless sleep… but heathenous enough to know my prayers would not be heard…
Upon waking the next day we prepared to leave, I was tasked with explaining to Alog why she could not attend us on our mission. I eel as though I succeeded to some marginal degree. She seemed pleased with her duties and gave me a necklace that her tribe uses to mark her seasons.
The only other thing of note to happen before we left today was again regarding Lunara. She approached me and wished to discuss her… admiration… and gratitude. She may not have said the words, but love lay in the heart of them. Last nights visions still stung and I recalled the increasingly short list of people who have loved me. I tried to explain to her I require no admiration or gratitude… I did what was right… I did what she needed… I had no choice in the matter. Let her look up to Waryk or Gareth. They have noble qualities… they can teach her things. They know what to do with admiration. I know I hurt her. It is unfortunate. But what good is it to let her think I am some kind of chivalrous knight? Still I can’t help but shake the feeling that I hurt her more… … …perhaps it is for the best.
We are setting out for the first portal… I have made cold friends of my clan… I have managed to drive away these people I must depend on… those who must depend on me. Must I have their love and friendship to have their loyalty? Am I bound to chase off everyone who tries to give me the one thing I seek? Perhaps this journey will find me more than a portal.


Oh my gosh – I love your post!! It’s so cool to hear Kaine’s point of view!! :D

It Hurts

Holy crap, Dann, this is an amazingly well written entry. Bravo!

It Hurts

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