Descent of Darkness

A Lot to Think About which Gareth nearly dies

So much has happened…

We are no longer seeking the portals merely to find them – we are to destroy them, even the dragon’s main portal. Never again will I dismiss any creature as a child’s tale or a myth. I have seen too much – too many impossibilities to disbelieve any longer. I always thought fairies were made up but we have met one! She stepped through our fire and gave us a map of the 16 existing portals, telling us we needed to shut them down if we wanted to ensure that the worlds survived. That’s right – worlds! Apparently there is such a thing called planes – which were all linked in the first age. Now, because of the portals and the prophecy, all the planes are in danger. We need to close them to keep them from collapsing and taking the world with them. Sorcha, the fire fairy, gave us the draconic incantation that must be used to close them.

I and the rest of the party find ourselves on the outskirts of a small village. Hoping to resupply, we venture in. I see a woman elf, which sets me in a foul mood. At least she’s leaving for now. We are directed to one of the larger buildings, which holds a man named Edwyn. He tells us to leave, which I am more than happy to do, but Kaine and Waryk seem intent on staying. Edwyn becomes angry and it is revealed that he has one of the dragon-marks. Terribly strong, he starts to laugh maniacally as we run from him. Gareth takes a battle-ready stance and I swear profusely as it dawns on me that he means to stay and fight. Tongues of flame are already licking the battlefield where we have just fled and it only appears to be getting stronger. With a look of exertion on his face, Gareth raises a massive magical shield and keeps the flames at bay. I can’t leave him. This is what happened to Blink – to Lorne. I abandoned them to their death. I can’t do it again. I won’t leave someone to their fate – especially not someone I admire and who has helped us so much. I turn around, ready to fight with Gareth, even to the death, but Rabble’s words shake my resolve and I turn towards him to begin running. When I see Kaine picking Gareth up and taking him with us as we go, I no longer feel any compunction to stay and fight this clearly impossible fight. Gareth falls unconscious as we run to fight another day; run for our very lives. Slowly, the laughter fades and we are safe once more.

My head and heart are jumbled and I feel so very confused. I thought I knew what I wanted, what my purpose was. I knew that I wanted no friends, no strings to tie me down and leave me weak. My sole purpose was to amass enough wealth and power to destroy Aldritch and make sure Farl went down with it. Vengeance would be mine – regardless of who went with it, even myself. Yet the people I travel with have touched me in ways I didn’t think possible anymore. I find myself caring what happens to them, wanting them to survive, even thrive. Gareth very nearly died today – if it hadn’t been for Kaine carrying him to safety and Rabble healing him, he would have. And it was all to protect us – he was willing to die so that Waryk and the rest of us might live and fight another day; close the portals. No one would have done that for me on the streets of Aldritch.

I can barely even look at Waryk. The tears falling down his face and the occasionally unguarded expressions that hit too uncomfortably close to how I wish I could have expressed myself the day Blink died. I feel myself in his shoes and wonder how far I would go to protect family if I had it. Yet he, too, was willing to sacrifice so much in order to ensure that we survived and completed the task the elder dragons have assigned us. I am awed by such strength of character in one I thought weak and unworthy of much notice.

I am humbled and I feel I have not been giving the people I travel with a fair chance. I judge too harshly and too swift. So blinded by the loss of Lorne that I couldn’t see the good in what was right in front of me. From now on I vow to myself to make more of an effort. If Waryk and Gareth are what family is, then I do regret my lack of family. If there was another who looked out and cared for me as those two care for each other, I would be richer than if I possessed all the gold and jewels in the world. And if Kaine and how he treats those around him are what friendship is, then I have misjudged yet again. He cares for others even to his own detriment; cares beyond my understanding. Saves those he fought or disagreed with even a mere day or two before. On the street, Gareth would have been killed the moment he lost consciousness. Here the whole group rallied to help, not harm him…There is more to Kaine – to everyone – than I ever realized. I have a lot to think about for the next while…



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